Just a Few Random Thoughts

So, a lot’s been going on the last few days. First, I posted my review of tfc Parks’ Rhythm in Blue from My Two Cents on my Goodreads page. Imagine my surprise when I get a notice that both tfc Parks and her alter-ego Brandie Buckwine (her pen name) enjoyed reading my review! I thought that was pretty cool. And I think it’s interesting that she’s most known for her erotic stories under the Brandie Buckwine name but, I came to her through her first romantic novel under the tfc Parks name. Well, however I learned about her, I’m just glad I did. I think I’ve found a new favorite and I’ll have to read more of her stuff sometime.

Another cool thing that I stumbled upon is the A to Z blogging challenge. Apparently, it began in 2010 with almost 100 bloggers and has been growing in participation each year since. Last year, there were around 1700 participants! The premise of the challenge is to post a blog entry each day of the month of April (excluding Sundays), and each post must correspond to the assigned letter for that day – day 1 = A, day 2 = B, day 3 = C, etc. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, I also thought it sounded like tremendous fun so, I think I’m going to sign up to participate! Only, if I do … I think I’ll add the extra challenge of keeping my topics related to romance in some way. I’m actually sort of excited about it.

Another thing I’m excited about is a blog tour for Pierced By Danger. I know, exciting, right? I’m really anxious to release book 2 of the Pierced trilogy but, I really feel like I need to give book 1 a little more time to find its footing first. So my hope is that a blog book tour will help it do just that. I’ve contacted a company called Bewitching Book Tours that specializes in this sort of thing and Roxanne, the owner, is currently in the process of helping to set up a tour for me!


I told you a lot has been going on! I’ll keep you posted on everything as it happens.