Typos and Misspelled Words … Grrrr!!

So yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers, Maddie Cochere of Breezy Books (author of the Susan Hunter Mysteries book series), posted a blurb on her blog about her adventures with … shall we say, “hasty editing,” and how she came to think of her first few books as less than stellar. I believe the exact phrase she used was, “I was sick to my stomach. My book was crap!” 

Amusing as that phrase may be (Ms. Cochere always says something that makes me laugh out loud!), for me, it was also very timely. You see, the day before, I had finally received my ePub proof from BookBaby for book 3 of my Pierced Trilogy, Pierced Ever After. And, as it had taken almost a week and a half at that point (patience is not a virtue I possess), I was very anxious to confirm that all the content had survived the conversion process and that it was intact. It was. So, I hit the distribute button! Then, the next day when I had a little more free time to sit and look at the pretty ePub proof in more detail – eating bon bons as I marveled at the ease of it all (no more technical difficulties for this girl!), there it was … staring at me, big as day … a misspelled word!

Well, not really. I mean, the word is spelled correctly, it’s just not the word I meant to use. “Gentile” instead of “Gentle.” It’s an honest mistake, right? An unavoidable slip of the fingers as they dance over the keyboard. It could happen to anyone, right? RIGHT? I felt so disgusted with myself. I know the stigma of indie publishing and I strive to avoid those common pitfalls. Each of the books have been edited and proofread to death, and not just by me! But there it was. Taunting me.

I had to stop reading. I set it aside and checked my email instead. And there, I found a new blog post by my friend Maddie Cochere. And her words made me feel a strange sense of kinship and belonging. I wasn’t alone. Even though I felt sick to my stomach because my book was crap … I wasn’t alone. Maddie knew how I felt because she has been there too! It was like getting a much-needed hug when I needed it most.

I went back to my ePub proof and kept reading. I found a total of 2 typos and 2 missing words. It may not be perfect but, I figure that’s not bad for a book with a word count of about 120,000. And as Maddie pointed out in her blog post, I can always “upload new version.”

Thanks for the cyber hug, Maddie!