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Book Hangover

I read this really great quote on Pinterest. It said, “Book Hangover: the inability to start a new book because you are still living in the last book’s world.” Now, this was meant to be a quote about avid readers. But I’ve learned recently that the same could be very true for writers as well.

For the past month or so, I’ve been itching to begin working on a new story. Not that I don’t have any new story ideas – that’s not the issue. The issue was, like the quote says above, I was suffering from a book hangover. I was still living in, and hanging on to, the whole Pierced world that I created with The Pierced Trilogy. Not that I’m complaining – I adore those characters and their story. But it’s an odd thing about self-publishing. As indie authors, we not only write the books but, we are responsible for promoting that book and doing everything we can to bring that book to the attention of potential readers. So, we’re sort of forced into that book hangover state because even though the story is written, the job’s not over yet. We are forced to hang on a little longer.

Well, I’m happy to report that I have finally begun writing that next book – creating that next world – and it’s going great. I’m four chapters and over 26,000 words in so far. And to be perfectly honest … even though I’m loving this new world, I’m still feeling the effects of that hangover a little bit. And I wonder if all authors feel this way. A few years down the road, when I’ve got 15 or 20 books under my belt, will I still feel as though I have a slight Pierced hangover?

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