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I’m a forty something, recently self-published author of romantic fiction. Married to the most thoughtful man in the world. I have one grown step-son and two four-legged children – a Bernese Mountain Dog named Ben and an American Bobtailed cat named Spike. I am a huge music fan and, much like my varied tastes in music, I am a lover of books of all types, although romance tops my list. But I also love a good mystery and a nail-biting thriller. I adore cookbooks, even though I hardly ever cook these days! I’m trying to enjoy the whole exciting publishing process but, honestly I’ve never been this scared before in my life. I feel like I’m opening up my heart and offering it up to the world. But I guess that’s what writers do, isn’t it? Scary stuff.




10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just finished Pierced By Danger, and really enjoyed it. Thanks for offering it for free, as that’s how I came across it on Amazon. When will the next book be out? It will be driving me crazy not knowing what happens after that cliff hanger ending!

    • Hi Kristina. Thank you so much for taking a chance on Pierced By Danger; I am so thrilled that you enjoyed it! As you can imagine, I have been getting this question about book 2 a lot the past few days, and my answer is always the same. The story is already completed so, you won’t have to wait forever for me to finish writing it. BUT, I would like to give book 1 a little more time to find an audience and a following before releasing book 2. So, I’m thinking maybe a month or so. Probably around the end of March.

  2. Hi Lashell,

    Your book is amazing and I am dying to read the next one. You mentioned that it would probably be out around the end of March. April is now here and I went to Amazon to try to buy it but it doesn’t appear to be out yet. Any idea when it’s coming out?

    • Sandra, thank you so much for you kind words about Pierced By Danger. I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I am currently working furiously to get book 2 out. I had a few technical difficulties with book 1 so, I have been extra obsessive over book 2, wanting everything to be as perfect as I can make it. I apologize for the delay. Believe me, I am as anxious as you are! And, good news … I will be using a different distribution this time so that book 2 will be available everywhere (Amazon, Barns & Noble, iBookstore, etc.) instead of just on Amazon. I’m excited about that! But to answer your question, I am looking at the end of April for a release of book 2, Pierced By Love!

  3. Just finished pierced by love…couldn’t put this one down either. Any idea when the third book may be available?

    • Hi Christine! Thank you so much for contacting me. I’m so happy that you couldn’t put Pierced By Love down! I hope you leave a review for it on Amazon. My plan is to do another blog book tour and then release book 3 at the end of May. So you won’t have to wait that long! 🙂

  4. Hi Lashelle,

    Just finished Pierced by Love. It is so good. You are awesome. Can’t wait til the end of May for book 3.

    • First of all, thanks for reading. I’m so happy that you love Detective Yummy!! 🙂 You know, someone else just recently asked me about an audio book version, and I have to admit, it’s not something I thought about before. Now I’m going to have to look into that possibility.

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