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Pierced By Danger


When stunningly beautiful drilling heiress, Samantha Colby is mugged one night, her misfortune leads to an   encounter with the handsome and mysterious Detective Joshua Pierce. The reluctant celebutante is immediately taken by his rugged good looks, his take-charge attitude and his quiet concern for her safety. Unable to stop the disturbing thoughts suddenly running through his mind at the sight of her, Detective Pierce finds himself strangely captivated by her beauty, her innocence and her charm.

Inexplicably drawn to one another and unable to fight it, the pair embark on a passionate physical affair. But despite the safety and love Samantha feels when she’s with him, she soon discovers that the good detective is a tormented man, haunted by ghosts and memories that he can’t forget. But when it becomes clear that Samantha’s mugging was only the beginning of her trouble, can Pierce find a way to quiet the demons that threaten to consume him in order to keep her safe, or will he allow his tortured past to destroy them both?

With heavy doses of romance, eroticism and heart, the Pierced Trilogy is a sweet tale of finding love, overcoming your past, and learning to hope for the future.

Available now on Amazon. Will soon be available on Barnes&Noble, iBookstore and others.

Pierced By Love


Terrorized by the man who is now stalking her, Samantha Colby begins to lean on Detective Joshua Pierce, certain that he would never allow any harm to come to her. And as the couple grow closer, both find it difficult to stop their hearts from falling as Samantha learns more about Joshua’s troubled past and the fear he struggles with everyday.

Joshua never figured on falling in love. He’s not even sure he knows what those words mean. What he does know is that he feels things for Samantha that he’s never felt before, and it scares him. But as her stalker closes in, Joshua discovers that he must begin to trust himself if he wants to keep Samantha in his life. Can he learn this lesson in time to save her?

Available now on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iBookstore, Kobo, and others.

Pierced Ever After


Brought together by criminal forces, heiress Samantha Colby and Detective Joshua Pierce have come through a harrowing ordeal together and found love in the process. But now that their troubles are seemingly behind them and real life awaits, they each discover that being together is going to require a little give and take.

Still haunted by a dark secret in his past, Joshua struggles with how to tell Samantha the truth as he deals with his unease about fitting in with her wealthy family, while Samantha endeavors to build an identity for herself that’s separate from her famous last name. Knowing that they come from two different worlds, both are determined to let their hearts guide them. Can Sam handle the truth of Josh’s past? Can Josh learn to control his anger issues? Can they figure out how to meet in the middle and build the life – and the love – they both want so desperately?

Available now on AmazonBarnes&Noble, iBookstore, Kobo and others.

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